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Translation & Interpretation


We are experts in foreign language translation services and serve the U.S Government, Federal and State Agencies as well as the Armed Force. We provide qualified Translators and Interpreters both in the US or Overseas.

We also serve law enforcement, the legal field, medical, insurance, financial, and the oil and energy industries.  We help our customers convey their messages clearly and accurately!

On a personal level, we also assist individuals in their need of legal documents translated. 

Intelligence Analysis


If the goal is to reduce ambiguity you must first understand that ambiguity is often deliberately created by highly intelligent people with very different mindsets. Our analysts are trained to avoid most cognitive traps and can lead their opponents to think toward a predetermined conclusion. To assume that one's enemies try to confuse is not being paranoid but realistic.

Our Intelligence Analysts know and understand that their field and have practiced their craft in multiple branches of the US Military and they are experts in the Intelligence Analysis Process which includes Evaluation, Feedback Planning and Direction; Collection, Processing and Exploitation, Analysis and Production and Dissemination and Integration; with the overall intent of Mission Success.

Human Resources Support


We strive to exceed your expectations by breaking barriers and changing the game. If you need help with hiring, recruiting, retention, compliance, or benefits administration, contact us. We’re available to help you navigate even the most difficult human resources issues. 

We can take on your day-to-day HR needs such as offer letters, background checks, onboarding, employee records management, and more. We’re a highly organized and detail-oriented team with years of proven success. Have questions about health care or federal/state law summaries? Call us today. 

Physical Security


We provide physical security support to the federal government, state, local agencies and the private industry. Our leading experts are retired Special Forces and highly trained individuals. Our experts help our customers to design, implement and maintain their security programs that are designed to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources and to protect personnel and property from damage or harm.

Our services can involve the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems which include surveillance, security guards, protective barriers, locks, access control protocols, and many other techniques. These services can be tailored to each of our customer’s needs and requirements.  

In an ever-changing world where threats are on the rise, a strong physical security program is a must! 

Cyber Security


As our society grows it relies more and more on computerized systems and the threats that can disrupt these systems are at an all-time high. Our subject matter experts know how to prevent processes from disruption and are well versed in the mechanisms by which digital equipment, information and services are protected. 

We can prevent unintended or unauthorized access, as well as prevent change or destruction to any computerized system. We understand the various types of attacks that can be made and are typically classified into one of the following categories: back-doors, denial-of-service, direct-access, eavesdropping, exploits, and indirect attacks. At Enigma International we have in house experts that focus in each of these areas and they go a step further by analyzing social engineering and human error, after all, a computer system is no more secure than the person responsible for its operation.

We are here to help you implement a robust security architecture.

Great Jobs! Join our Team!


Pashto/Dari Linguist

You will provide translation and transcription support to U.S Military Operation in various locations in Afghanistan. Salary Range $70,000 - $140,000. 

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Arabic Linguist

You will provide translation and transcription support to the U.S Military in California, Georgia or Kuwait. Salary Range: $75,000 - $100,000

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Somali/Arabic Linguist

You will provide translation and transcription support to U.S Military Operation in various locations in Africa. Salary Range: $70,000 - $120,000

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DOD - Program Manager

We are in need of multiple Program Mangers for a several government contracts. The location for these positions is CA, GA and VA. Salary Range: $95,000 - $120,000

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Human Resources Assistant

You will provide HR support and assistance to the Director of HR.  This include onboarding, benefits and multiple administration tasks. Salary is dependent on experience.

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Corporate Recruiter

We are looking for dedicated and driven corporate staff. Please send us email to inquire about this position. Special contractual arrangements are available.

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About us

Who are we?


Enigma International is a powerful small business designed and focused in supporting Federal Government Agencies, Prime Contractors, and Private Industry Enterprises. 

Our combination of unique pooled knowledge, technical capacities, and core competencies allow us to be competitive in the marketplace and to expand into new end markets as well as provide a significant benefit to our customers and partners. 

Our Core


We are focused on delivering results via ethical leadership and integrity in our processes. Our customer's success is our ultimate goal and we put principles into practice. 

We operate in the territory of positive sentiment and have turned customer service into a real customer experience. 

We have raised the bar in our industry and this is what makes us a best in class.



SBA Certified HUBZone, Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), Economically Disadvantage Women Small Owned Small Business (8m) EDWOSB, Hispanic American Owned (HAO), Veteran Owned Business (VOB), Minority Owned Business (MOB), Self-Certified Service Disabled and Virginia Small Women and Minority Owned (SWaM).


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