Language Translation

Human Languages are unique, complex and they tend to encode relationships between entities, properties, and many other aspects of the world. They are a system for relating sounds and meaning. Phonetics, acoustics, and semantics play an additional role and they lead us to decipher what concerns us most which are truth conditions, and pragmatics. They tell us how the context influences meaning.

Enigma International knows Foreign Languages and our Linguists are not just Translators. Our Linguists have focused on the scientific study of linguistics which is complex and it has been around since the 4th Century BCE. They know that without communication, reasoning and understanding people cannot cope with each other.

Our experts in linguistics know how to convey, process, and assign meaning, as well as to manage and resolve ambiguity. Enigma International currently holds a unique certification in linguistics granted by US Congress and we are uniquely qualified to translate multiple foreign language. Enigma International focuses on quality deliverables that stand unchallenged.