Cyber Security

As our society grows it relies more and more on computerized systems and the threats that can disrupt these systems are at an all-time high. Our subject matter experts know how to prevent processes from disruption and are well versed in the mechanisms by which digital equipment, information and services are protected. We can prevent unintended or unauthorized access, as well as prevent change or destruction to any computerized system.

We understand the various types of attacks that can be made and are typically classified into one of the following categories: backdoors, denial-of-service, direct-access, eavesdropping, exploits, and indirect attacks. At Enigma International we have in house experts that focus in each of these areas and they go a step further by analyzing social engineering and human error, after all, a computer system is no more secure than the person responsible for its operation.

Our staff is at your service to reduce vulnerabilities, can help you implement a robust security architecture, can protect your hardware mechanisms, secure your operating systems, develop your unique secure coding, and can monitor your access controls. Security by design is our expertise and we are ready to protect you.